Monday, November 18, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).

I liked Sam Raimi's Spider-man trilogy. Even the third film. I hoped it would get sequels. I was very disappointed to learn that Spider-man would be rebooted. Spider-man 3 was released 2007. This came 2012, which felt too soon. I know superhero movies are selling well at the moment and Spider-man 4 wasn't at top of the list for Sam Raimi or Tobey Maguire. At least that is the rumor I hear last. Even when Spider-man 4 was not coming, this came too soon after Spider-man 3. It is hard for me to say, this is better than Sam Raimi's Spider-man movies. Only thing worth complaining is, that Peter takes his mask off too easily and too many people know he is Spider-man. Even Aunt May seems to know, he is Spider-man.

Movie tells origin story of Spider-man once again. But this time it doesn't follow comics too faithfully. That was good choise. Death of uncle Ben makes more sense now. First it felt, we have to wait for Spider-man too long. But that was to make us feel for these characters. Peter is not yet Spider-man. He have just got his powers and tries to figure out what to do with them. Ben and Peter had fight and Ben was looking for Peter, when robber shoots him. Peter could have stopped the robber earlier, but let him go because he didn't like shop owner. Nothing larger than life like in Sam Raimi's Spider-man. This is more realistic and down to earth.

Villain of this movie is The Lizard. Lizard was rumoured to be in Spider-man 4. That would have been downgrade in villains. Lizard is good villain for origin story. He is not one of Spider-man's iconic villains and doesn't take too much focus from origin story. I guess writers took lesson from Batman Begins and didn't put any of big guns in first movie. Like in Batman Begins, we are hinted that iconic villain will make appearance in next movie.

This time love interest is Gwen Stacy, who was Peter's one true love before Mary Jane. I don't know how faithfully movies follow Gwen Stacy's story from comics. If they do, build up for the thing she is remembered most, started in this movie. And that made me wait for next movie more than anything else in this movie. Yes, there was mystery surrounding Peter's parents. Peter's father worked with Dr Connors for Oscorp. Then one night they had to go away and leave Peter to May and Ben. Dr Connors continued to work on their project and is later turned into The Lizard because of it. But Gwen Stacy, if they follow the comic story, it will be really big thing in blockbuster movie. As it was in comics when it happened.

I started to watch this movie to write post on why this movie shouldn't have been made and now I am building hype for sequels. It was that good, but I think it suffers from coming so soon after Sam Raimi's Spider-man trilogy which was quite popular.

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