Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987).

This movie is known for two things. Half of the movie is footage from first movie and this has the garbage day scene. First 38 minutes are mostly footage from first movie, showing every kill and little character building. I missed in first movie, that Ricky was the kid, that was about to shake hand of Santa before police shot Santa at orphanage. This movie may have cut that scene differently to show that. This is Ricky's story, but first 38 minutes focus on Billy. Ricky just tells events of first movie from his point of view.

After that movie becomes interesting. Ricky is in mental hospital telling his story to Doctor Bloom. He got adopted after Billy was killed. He had fears of nuns and red things. When he grew older, he started killing, when he saw red things and someone doing bad things. Ricky started his serial killer career after seeing man trying to rape his girlfriend. Ricky doesn't kill victim. Victim thanks Ricky and both walk away. Dr Bloom start to feel unease, when Ricky tells killings Dr Bloom didn't know about.

Doctor Bloom wants to know about events that led Ricky to mental hospital. Ricky tells about his only true love Jennifer. This is where movie becomes surreal and has it's best scenes. "Garbage day" clip showed what kind of actor Eric Freeman is. Jennifer scenes take advantage of his over acting and make it work for improving the movie. There is movie theatre scene, which is genius. Ricky and Jennifer are in movie theatre watching movie of event of the first movie. They see trailer for extremely violent movie Chaos. We don't see trailer, but based on what we hear about it, someone should make that movie. When Ricky realizes, the movie tells first movie's story, he goes crazy and leaves. There is loud jerk complaining movie. Ricky kills him and comes back to Jennifer. Jennifer wants to leave, but Ricky wants to stay, because he starts to enjoy the movie.

Next scene. Ricky and Jennifer meets Jennifer's ex-boyfriend, who acts like jerk. Ricky loses his mind and kills the ex. When Jennifer is not happy about that, he kills her too and starts killing spree at neighborhood. Police catches him. He tries to kill himself, but doesn't have any bullets left. We come back to mental hospital and see Ricky has killed doctor Bloom. He escapes the hospital and goes after Mother Superior, who he blames for everything.

Eric Freeman's over acting has made this cult classic. First movie was serious movie. With Eric Freeman, this could not be serious. It feels like original plan was to make serious sequel. If you forget over acting, mental hospital scenes were quite serious and interesting. Movie theatre and killing spree were far from serious. Freeman is not only one over acting. There is one debt collector trying to get Eric Freeman's level and Jennifer's ex tries to compete with the master. This movie is worth watching, if you are into unintentional comedy. Script how ever deserved better execution. Hollywood is doing lot of remakes these days. This could be a good movie to do remake. Original is not that good and story could work in serious movie with good actors.

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