Monday, December 30, 2013

Southland Tales - Directors cut?

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Southland Tales (2006).

Southland Tales seems to becoming new Blade Runner with new different cuts. Blade Runner has been released on three different cuts and there is dvd release, that has all three and one extra one. When I started watching Southland Tales from blu ray, I realized quite quickly, that this cut is quite different from one on my dvd. I have no idea, if this version is director's cut or Cannes cut or something else. Blu ray's covers doesn't say this is different cut. I don't remember my dvd telling, it is anything else than regular version. Wikipedia doesn't say for sure, that director's cut was released. If it was, I am pretty sure, one on my blu ray is director's cut.

Because this wasn't the cut I expected and I bought prequel comics, I will change my plans. Yes, this had prequel comics, that told, what happened before the movie and probably will explain, what happens in movie. I will do several Southland Tales posts in near future. I will go through the comics and version on my blu ray. Southland Tales is one of my favourite movies and I think it deserves that kind of treatment. I might do something similar for Blade Runner in more distant future. Both movies deserve that.

Dvd cut was weird and didn't explain many things. Blu ray cut starts with better explanation of the world and what has happened. I don't remember USIDent explained from dvd cut. They were there, but I don't remember their name. Proposition 69 was probably cut away, because I don't remember that either. I may have forgotten something from dvd cut, because I watched it last time some time ago. But I have watched it few times, so I should remember those things.

Blu ray cut had longer versions of scenes and new scenes. I don't remember anything missing from dvd cut. Now everything made more sense, because concepts were introduced better at the beginning. You could concentrate on what is happening, when you didn't have to figure out what everything is. At the moment I can't say which version is better. Not knowing everything made movie more mysterious. Blu ray cut is still mysterious, when we get to ending. Comics may explain that.

Next thursday will be something different. Next Southland Tales post will come after I have finished comics. I am not sure, if I will do post for every part. Comics are first three parts and movie has last three parts. Sorry for those, who expected Southland Tales explained in this post. Those posts will come later.


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