Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Star Trek" (2009) - nitpicking and stuff

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie “Star Trek” (2009).

I wanted to keep original post inside reasonable length. I had to drop lot of random stuff from it, but I wanted to write about that too. So here is more from "Star Trek". This goes more into nerdy territory.

Using shuttles to go to Enterprise didn't make much sense. There is no point using them, when you can transport people from one place to another. They used shuttles in Star Trek The Motion Picture. In that movie, they had real reason to do that. Enterprise's transporters malfunctioned and they didn't have time to fix them. In this movie, there was no reason given, why they used shuttles to go to Enterprise. Shuttles were used for getting similar scene that was in Star Trek The Motion Picture. In Star Trek The Motion Picture Doctor McCoy told how he didn't like transporters. In "Star Trek" Fake McCoy tells how he doesn't like shuttles. Why he doesn't use transport, if he is afraid of shuttles?

Captain Pike was Captain of Enterprise in pilot of original Star Trek. He made return into Star Trek in two-part episode The Menagerie. In that episode he was in wheelchair. At the end of "Star Trek" he is in wheelchair, but movie doesn't give any reasons, why he was in wheelchair. Nero used similar parasites that Khan used in Wrath of Khan. Maybe these parasites hurt victims more, but movie doesn't explain it. So no real explanation was not given why Pike was in wheelchair.

Movie showed how Vulcans didn't think humans as their equals. Fake Spock's human mother being with Vulcan High Council didn't make much sense. Spock's father was part of council. Spock got high council from their cave. I don't remember other high council members having their families with them. So why Spock's mother was with Vulcan High Council?

How Nero knew he killed Fake Kirk's father? He knows Kirk from his future, but there was no reason, why he should know, he killed Fake Kirk's father. Kobayashi Maru scene was told in Wrath of Khan. What this movie added, was to make Kirk look like total jerk. In Wrath of Khan cadet didn't know Kobayashi Maru was no win situation. In this movie every one seem to know it was no win situation. If they didn't know it before, Fake Kirk's hearing made that sure. Knowing that test is no win situation makes the test kind of useless, because you know you are going to lose anyway and don't put too much effort into it.

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