Monday, January 20, 2014

Southland Tales Part IV: Temptation Waits (2006)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Southland Tales (2006).

Since last Southland Tales post, I have seen few clips from Cannes cut of the movie. I probably haven't seen all extra content that is in that cut, but what I have seen, have given more information about the story. In Cannes cut Simon Theory was guy, who followed how Westphalen's plan worked. He knew, where main players were all the time. He also used fluid karma on himself. In dvd and blu ray cuts he was cut away almost completely. In comics he was in same role. I will get other Cannes cut additions later.

Fourth part is first part of the movie. Movie starts with home vidoe from Texas nuclear attack. Then we got recap for what happened in comics. Frost's camp is trying to find Boxer Santaros using USIDent's recourses. Boxer is with Krysta Now and Fortunio Balducci. Krysta meets a porn director Cyndi Pinziki. They start to blackmail Frost's camp with home video of Boxer and Krysta. They want million dollars and senator Frost to vote for proposition 69. Proposition 69 is for limiting power of USIDent. When Frost says, he won't pay and vote for proposition 69, they have to go with plan b. They say that to Krysta even, when they have started plan b earlier.

Krysta has changed between comics and movie. In comics she was on driver's seat. In movie she is passenger, who others use as much as they want. In movie she is bimbo porn star, who thinks she could be something more. She has reality show, where she and other porn stars try to discuss serious topics, but they end up talking about sex.

Plan b is Neo-Marxists' plan to stage cop killing interracial couple with Boxer watching it happening. Boxer is sent with Ronald Taverner. Ronald plays racist cop and Boxer films everything as it happens. Ronald asks Boxer about his wife. Boxer doesn't remember he has wife and doesn't want to talk about it.

USIDent attacks Neo-Marxists' hideout. Dvd and blu ray cuts tell they attack because they want to kill a mole. Cannes cut tells they are after cut off thumbs. They just used mole to lead them to hideout. That made much more sense. I don't understand, why that was cut from dvd and blu ray versions. Thumbs angle was explained in few seconds. Thumbs scheme was mentioned in introduction. Roland was held in hideout. He escapes during USIDent attack.

Fourth part ends when Boxer follows Serpentine to book store, where Westphalen's gang's women wait for him. Women tell Boxer, what happens next is not his fault. Boxer wants to know, how women have script of the Power. He doesn't know that it is available to others too. Women continue to talk about end of the world.

This part introduced two new characters to story, Cyndi Pinziki and Starla Von Luft, Boxer Santaros fan girl, who works at USIDent. We see Mohawk Man, but he doesn't have any lines. Ronald talks to him and another guy, but we never hear what they said. Fortunio Balducci has few lines, but he is also taking back seat. Clips I have seen from Cannes cut, didn't gave them much more. I don't know, if they were in scenes I haven't seen. Both had bigger role in comics. Both are there in some of the key moments of the story, but we are not told much about them.

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