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Southland Tales Part VI: Wave of Mutilation (2006)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Southland Tales (2006).

"He is a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide."

Where should I start this? Southland Tales make more sense, when you watch it one part at the time. I had missed many things before. Movie has too much insanity for one sitting. I start from the beach scene, which is one of my favourites. Starla finally meets Boxer at beach. She acts her part of The Power, but being so close to her idol is too much for her. She pulls her gun and tries to force Boxer to.... I try to keep this safe for work, so you have to use your imagination. She is shot by Pilot Abilene, who operates one of the guns at the beach.

Krysta finds cop killing actors tape at Zora's place. She thinks it is her and Boxer's video. She takes it to give it to Neo-Marxists. Zora goes after her with cop, who shot the actors. Zora and cop make mistake of pulling their guns and get shot by gun operators. Fortunio Balducci and Mohawk Man kidnap Boxer. Movie tells Fortunio has worked for Westphalen whole time. I have missed that earlier. So I was wrong about that. Fortunio takes Boxer to his wife. Ronald Taverned finds Martin Kefauver, who is about to kill himself because he got drafted. They go looking for Roland.

Frost camp desiced to pay for Boxer's tape. Vaughn Smallhouse collects tape from Cyndi Pinziki. They have heated discussion in which Cyndi reveals cop killing actors tape. Dvd and blu ray cuts drop Cyndi/Vaughn angle here. They are seen together in empty room at Mega Zeppelin, but nothing more. In Cannes  cut they have another heated discussion at bar desk and finally start making out in that empty room. It is shame, romance part was cut from dvd and blu ray. Cyndi being at Mega Zeppelin doesn't make sense without romance. She didn't go there to meet Vaughn, but that gave here reason to be there.

Boxer learns the truth at Mega Zeppelin. Fluid Karma production has created drift to fourth dimension. Westphalen's team tried to send monkey through the drift, but monkeys died because they don't have souls. So Westphalen decided to send human. Boxer was chosen. Comic pointed out, he was kidnapped. He was in car driven by Roland Taverner. 69 minutes before Roland and Boxer drove to drift, their futureselves appeared. Mysterious corpse found at desert was Boxer's corpse. Boxer with memory lost is future Boxer. Boxer says, he could not have killed himself because he is pimp and pimps don't commit suicide. Later he find out, Serpentine killed him and Ronald is actually future Roland. If they would shake hands, fourth dimension would collapse.

Riots break at Los Angeles below the Mega Zeppelin. Fortunio and Mohawk Man attack USIdent office. Mohawk Man kills Nana Mae Frost at USIdent office. I told earlier, how Fortunio's actions didn't make sense. I meant first working with Krysta, then bringing Boxer to his wife and finally attacking USIdent. Knowing that he worked for Westphalen, makes his actions more sensible. Westphalen's plan how ever doesn't make much sense, unless he wantx end of the world. I don't know why he would want that.

End of the world is triggered at rioting Los Angeles. Martin and Ronald crash into ice cream truck, which had Roland. Both Roland and Ronald get shot. They go into ice cream truck and shake hands. Ice cream truck start to lift slowly rotating. Martin is at top of the truck with heat seeking missile. At Mega Zeppelin Boxer, Krysta and Boxer's wife are having dancing number. Each of them know end of the world is coming and Boxer is going to die. Doesn't end of the world mean everyone is going to die? Why they care only about Boxer? If they see the future, they should know they are going to die when Martin shoots heat seeking missile to Mega Zeppelin, which happens almost right after dance, when truck is high enough. Mega Zeppelin explodes killing everyone inside.

Movie ends Ronald forgiving Roland's throwing of grenade to feet of Pilot. We don't see did the world really end.

Last part is annoying for several reasons. Almost all the dialog in Mega Zeppelin is nonsense. Characters change from what they were. Boxer knows things, he shouldn't know. We never learn Westphalens motivations or goals. Everyone says Boxer wrote The Power, when it was Krysta's screenplay in comics. Boxer came into picture when Krysta realized she could use him.

As a whole movie is interesting experience. There is so much content, you would miss most of that first times. Reading the comics make movie better. Cannes cut has content, that makes movie better. I hope it gets released in future. I might return to this movie in future. There are theme I could write more about.

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