Friday, February 7, 2014

Cleopatra 2525 briefly

I mentioned Cleopatra 2525 in my Mongolian Death Worm post. I felt like I should tell more about the show. I might do proper post about it in future.

It was produced by Sam Raimi. Many ways it was scifi version of Xena. On first season, it had half hour episodes and it was aired with other half hour show. Other show got cancelled after first season. On second season Cleopatra 2525 became one hour show. After that season it was cancelled. I have only seen first season. I have tried to get second season from time to time, but seems, it hasn't been released on dvd. I don't know, how show worked as one hour show. Half hour episodes felt like perfect length for the show. Main cast included Victoria Pratt, Jennifer Sky and Gina Torres. Gina Torres has been many of my favourite tv shows, including Firefly and Angel.

Show's events happened in year 2525. Humans have lost war against robots called Baileys. Baileys rule the earth and humans live under ground. Cleopatra is stripped from our time, who was frozen after failed operation. She is woken at year 2525. Two warrior women, Hel and Sarge, saved her from criminals. Cleopatra 2525 shows trio's adventures at underground world, where humans live.

Show has cult following. I recommend checking it, if you have change. It is action oriented, but it also has interesting themes.

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