Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Mongolian Death Worm (2010).

Things I do for this blog. I watched Sharknado and this same day. Sharknado was watchable. Victoria Pratt is only reason to watch this movie. Who is Victoria Pratt you may ask. She was Sarge in Cleopatra 2525 and  Shalimar Fox in Mutant X. Two interesting scifi shows, that were cancelled too early.

Mongolian death worm is cryptic from Gobi desert. It is their version of Loch Ness monster or Yeti. It is said, worms could kill humans from distance and they have electric powers. Electric powers are not mentioned in movie, but malfunctions of electronic devices may refer to that. No-one has ever seen one and there is no evidence they exist. Another legend in movie is the tomb of Genghis Khan. No-one actually knows where that is. Mongolian death worms protecting the tomb was this movie's invention. Someone thought to combine both, because Genghis Khan came from Mongolia and Mongolian death worms are from there. This is all about Mongolian death worms. Writes knew Genghis Khan was some rich dude from Mongolia and his tomb may be something characters could search.

This is Syfy original. It doesn't feel like that, because it doesn't try too hard. Everything else feels like Syfy original. Acting is bad. Plot is quite stupid and twists make little sense. Characters actions weren't consistent. They did what ever story required them to do at that point. Which was weird because some characters were build to be real characters, only to something, which made no sense from characters point of view. Distances weren't consistent either. Travelling from place a to b took the time story required it to take. There was police, who seemed to be everywhere. He couldn't be travelling between places that took over day to travel. But our heroes had to take break during night time, when they travelled between same places.

There is archeologist looking for tomb of Genghis Khan. Gangster is after him. Archeologist picks up two doctors to take them and medicines to nearby village. Near by oil plant has discovered tomb of Genghis Khan. Boss wants to steal the treasure. Gangster get archeologist and doctors. Mongolian death worms kill gangster and his gang. Death worms start to appear everywhere. Archeologist and female doctor goes to seek help from oil plant. They need to evacuate the village. At oil plant they realize, that oil plant has woken death worms from permafrost. You know, these same worms, that protected tomb of Genghis Khan, that wasn't in permafrost. Death worms were in permafrost and tomb they protected wasn't. And these worms lived in the tomb. Guy, who wrote this, was paid to write this movie. Think about that.

Boss kills people. Death worms kill people. Archeologist finds the treasure, but he has to explode the plant to kill death worms. Scene, where archeologist made decision to leave treasure, was strange. It felt like script had internal struggle in it, but actor and director didn't want to show that. Female doctor was about to convince archeologist to explode the plant. But archeologist made decision before she could do that. Maybe the actor couldn't express internal struggle and they left that out.

Victoria Pratt is only reason to watch this movie and you have to be her fan, if that is your reason. She is not that good, that she could save the movie. She is just better than everyone else. If you want to see her, better watch Cleopatra 2525 or Mutant X. They are much more entertaining.

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