Monday, March 3, 2014

End of the World (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie End of the World (2013).

Before watching this, I considered this to be one movie in Bad horror february. I chose other movies instead and watched this later. There are two reasons, why this couldn't be in Bad horror february. This is not horror and this is a good movie. Actually good Syfy original. Not so bad it is good, but actually good Syfy original. World really must be coming to an end. It has Syfy original budget and production values. But most important thing, the script, works. This movie shows, where you should put your efforts. It is not perfect movie, but something I have expected from Syfy before. They made Sharknado and this movie last year. Maybe they have figured out how to make good movies.

This movie tells disaster movie nerds, who work at video store. They have prepared for apocalypse and know all disaster movies and scifi movies. This movie is nod to typical Syfy fan. It knows how stupid Syfy movies are. Itself included. It knows, what it is and makes fun of that. Like Sharknado did. Nerds can put their knowledge to test, when electric balls start falling from the sky. They can survive on their own, but there is only one man, who can save the world. Scifi Author, who is locked into mental hospital. Scifi Author has prepared for all kinds of end of the world scenarios. Nerds must go to rescue him from mental hospital.

Movie manages to mix comical element of nerds with serious end of the world scenario. People act like end is coming. It is law of the jungle, when strong take what they want. Among all this nerds are referring to scifi and disaster movies. They are exited that world is coming to an end and they can finally use all their knowledge. When one of them loses hope, others are there to motivate him. Whole movie is like scifi fan's wet dream. Nerds get to do things they have seen in movies. For once they are heroes. Movie has also darker moments to remind us, world is coming to an end. Twists keep you guessing what happens next. There are things that come out of the blue, but nothing that wasn't introduced earlier or could not be expected based on movie's rules.

I don't want to spoil this too much. Movie is worth checking, if you are genre fan. It is low-budget tv movie, with Syfy production values, but it works, if you can get past cheap CGI. Sharknado and this movie showed, what Syfy originals could be. I hope they keep making more of these kind of movies.

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