Monday, March 17, 2014

Supernatural - Season 1 (2005-2006)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils first season of tv-series Supernatural.

I am late convert. I started watching Supernatural on fifth season, when series' rules and characters were established. It was interesting to see, where this all started.  To be honest, I might have stopped during first season, if I started from beginning and didn't know where series will evolve. First really good episode was 17th episode Hell House.  It goes among my favorite Supernatural episodes. It has humor and intelligent twists, which make Supernatural so good. Other episodes were too serious.

Sam is studying in university, when his brother Dean tells him their father has disappeared. Sam is reluctant to get back fighting supernatural foes. Then his girlfriend is killed by supernatural entity, like his mother was. Then he decides to join his brother to hunt what ever killed his girlfriend and his mother. And to find his father. Episodes doesn't have much continuity between them until few last episodes. Episodes were too much like each other. Something kills someone. Brothers come to solve what has happened. Usually it is avenging ghost and brothers must burn his bones to kill it. There weren't enough variance between episodes and all of them were too serious. It was refreshing to have one episode, which didn't have anything supernatural.

Only continuity during this season is, how Sam starts to see things before they happen and how boys search their father. But very few episodes have anything on either of those. Searching father thing is usually Dean talking to father's answering machine, until they meet their father one episode mid-season and in the end, where they are with their father during few episodes. Father was quite uninteresting, when we finally saw him. On last episode we meet Bobby Singer, who will come boys' father figure later seasons. Bobby Singer is much more interesting character than the father.  Season ends with demon crashing boys' and their father's car. There wasn't real conclusion at season finale. We learn, there is powerful demon after boys and their father. Second season may really start that story.

First season of Supernatural is quite average. To be honest I liked Dresden Files more than first season of Supernatural. Dresden Files was cancelled during first season and Supernatural is going 9th season at the moment. Makes you think, what these cancelled shows could have been, if they had their time to evolve. First season doesn't have all pieces in place. Hell House was only really good episode of season. It was not only good episode, but it was above other episodes. It was only episode that had clever story. Others were average ghost stories.

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