Monday, April 28, 2014

Bounty Killer (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Bounty Killer (2013).

What to say about this movie? It is bad. It has huge continuity errors. Characters actions doesn't make any sense. It is form over substance. It has a lot of blood and gore. I didn't expect much. Few first minutes hinted, this could be a good movie. In the end it wasn't, because it forgot everything interesting and replaced it with stupidity. I wanted to see Kristanna Loken's later works, but she was barely in this movie, even thought she was credited second.

Premise is interesting. Large corporations took place of national governments. They started war against each others. War caused end of the world. In post apocalyptic world Council of Nine pays bounties for white-collar criminals. Bounty hunters caller bounty killers are celebrities. They clean the land of criminals, who caused end of the world. We follow two top bounty killers, Mary Death and Drifter. Drifter trained Mary earlier and they are more than friends. Then someone puts bounty on Drifter. When Drifter go to look for his friend, who has also bounty on him, Drifter and Mary Death walk into a trap. Yellow Ties attack them. Yellow Ties look like modern corporate employees with suits and yellow ties. Everyone else lives in post apocalyptic world and Yellow Ties look like they just took time machine from our times to post apocalypse.

This is biggest problem I have with this movie. Bad guys are only ones, who want to improve society. They want to be ultra capitalistic, but they are only ones, who want to improve life to level it was before apocalypse. They have oasis with modern offices, which look like office buildings today. Everyone else live in post apocalyptic junkyard. Yellow Ties seem to have everything we have today. Even Council of Nine lives in small stone fortress in middle of nowhere. Outside of Yellow Ties, nobody works to make things better. Yellow Ties are evil, because they are after our heroes and they have one sadistic guy in they payroll. I am not sure the movie chose the right side.

When Mary Death killed two men cold-blooded, because they offered her collaboration with they business, I didn't know why I should be on her side. Because she is hot or because she is main character. Those men didn't threaten her anyway. They wanted to use her name in business that would bring some living standards of past world to post apocalypse. Maybe that was too much for this movie, where all good guys want humanity to go to stone age. Violence started after Mary Death threatened to kill men. She didn't have any reasons to kill them. Maybe they were annoyance, but that shouldn't be reason to kill anyone.

In other post apocalyptic movies good guys try to build new society. Not in this movie. In this movie good guys want to kill anyone, who want to build society. Also evil guys can build society. But in this movie they seem to be only ones who want to do that. Others are quite happy to live in post apocalyptic wild west. I wonder, where they got all the bullets and gasoline. But then again, this doesn't want to be realistic movie. It tries to be cool movie with couple comic relief characters and splatter level violence. Another big problem is continuity. Characters seem to forget, what they were doing after they have done cool scene. Or they forget how to do they job, they should be good at, if that results a cool scene.

Movie has some cool moments and interesting scifi elements. Scifi elements just are not used as they should have been. This could have been great movie, but director and writers wanted to make "cool" action movie. Maybe it was just director, because story had interesting elements.


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