Thursday, April 10, 2014

Riddick – Director’s cut (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Riddick – Director’s cut (2013), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Pitch Black (2000).

Director's cut is eight minutes longer than theatrical cut. Most of that eight minutes adds more Necromongers to movie. This post is about those eight minutes. I wrote earlier about the theatrical cut. This will spoil movie more than that earlier post.

Director's cut has longer Necromonger flashback. In theatrical cut it was almost blink and you missed it. This version shows assassination attempt on Riddick. One of his women stabs him in back. After that movie teases with Vaako's attack on Riddick. Vaako attacked Lord Marshal in Chronicles, when Lord Marshal was weakened by fight with Riddick. This time Riddick was bleeding from his stab wound. But Vaako has different plan. He tells about his first campaign, which was on Furya. He tells, how last Furian warrior had same king of eyes as Riddick has. But that doesn't make any sense based on earlier movies. In Pitch Black Riddick told, he got his eyes from prison. He told that again in Chronicles. In Chronicles, Purifier was another Furyan and he had normal eyes. In Director's cut of Chronicles, hand shaped glowing mark was Furyan thing. Both Riddick and Purifier had that. In same movie, Lord Marshal was obsessed with Furyans. He didn't reach to Riddick's eyes. If eyes were Furyan thing like Vaako says here, Lord Marshal should have reacted to Riddick's eyes.

It is possible, Vaako lied to Riddick about the eyes. He made Furyans look like super warriors. He told Riddick, only map to Furia is in his head and he will take Riddick to Furya, if he would became Lord Marshal. Riddick wasn't popular among Necromongers, because he didn't share their faith and didn't search way to Underverse. This deal would give Riddick Furya and Necromongers could go searching for way to Underverse. Riddick accepts the deal and we get back to theatrical cut, where Necromongers betray Riddick.

I liked longer flashback. It cut survival section in two parts. Survival section didn't felt as long in this movie, even when director's cut added few second more to it. Bounty hunters got one additional scene, which didn't add anything new.  They may also got extended scenes, because Santana felt more comical in this version, but I can't point, which scenes were extended, if any was extended.

Last addition comes after last scene of theatrical cut. Theatrical cut ends with Riddick and other survivors leaving the planet. Director's cut add one scene in Necromonger ship. Necromongers have found way to Underverse. They are about to leave this universe. Riddick confronts Necromonger, who left him to Not-Furya. Necromonger tells Vaako wanted to honor the contract, but he didn't think non-believer deserved it. That is why Necromonger betrayed Riddick. Theatrical cut told all Necromongers betrayed Riddick, this tells only one did. Which makes Vaako look like Vaako of Chronicles, where he wanted to be honorable, but Lady Vaako talk him to attack Lord Marshal.

It is interesting to see what next movie will be. Theatrical cut left everything open. Director's cut tied Riddick back to Necromongers and send him to Underverse. They have to choose, which one to continue. Either choice makes people, who haven't seen the chosen version, wonder what happened.


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