Monday, April 14, 2014

The Room (2003)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Room (2003).

I saw this movie only way it should be seen. In full theater with audience, who knew the ritual. I didn't know the ritual. Others knew. After all this was third year in row Night Visions screened the movie. I will be there next year better prepared, if they do it again next year.

The Room is one of those legendary bad movies with Manos, Silent Night Deathly Night 2 and Troll 2. Movie tells about Johnny and Lisa, who live together. Movie mostly happens in one room, where people pop in and out like they don't have locks on their doors. They have creepy teenager boy as neighbor. Lisa is bored with Johnny and she seduces his best friend Mark. Lisa doesn't want to tell Johnny, she doesn't love him any more. Instead she tells him, she is pregnant, to make things more interesting. Movie is plagued with extremely bad acting and weird dialog. Some scenes have dialog, that seems to be out of order. Sometimes characters just say something improper. You have to see it to believe it. I could write it here, but you wouldn't believe movie had that kind of dialog and it wouldn't have same effect as written without bad acting.

Movie is entertaining by itself, but to get most of it you have to watch it in theater with audience, who knows the ritual. I had more fun watching the ritual than watching the movie. After first spoon rain, I realized this would be  a different kind of experience. Room had one framed picture of spoon. Every time it was shown, audience throw their plastic spoons to screen. It took me couple times until I understood, why spoon rain happened. Audience had balls with them. They throw balls to each other every time characters on screen throw their ball. That happened four or five times during the movie.

As I told characters popped in and out of the room like door were never locked. Every time someone popped in audience shouted "Hello [name of the character who came in]" and when they left audience shouted "Bye [name of the character who left]". When movie showed stock footage from Golden Gate Bridge audience shouted "Go! Go! Go! Go!". I don't know, if it was part of the ritual, but every time, when it made any sense one guy shouted "that's because you are a woman" or "that's because she is a woman." Funnies shouting was after "You are tearing me apart Lisa" part, when someone shouted "Best movie every year!" And of course audience shouted parts of dialog.

When creepy teenager ate apple, someone shouted "don't eat it, it is a metaphor". Whenever one guy, who was not introduced at all had dialog, someone shouted "Who the %&/# are you?"  When Johnny pulled c-cassette from his pocket, someone shouted "Don't we all have cassettes in our pockets at all time". Someone other replied "That lastd for six weeks".  I could go on and on with all comments I heard during the movie, but I think you get the picture.

Check this movie in theater. You won't regret it. You might get hit by spoons or balls, but it is part of the fun. I will watch this again in theater, when it is possible. Someone said, there are only people who haven't heard about this movie and people who have seen it 20 times. There is no middle ground. After seeing this, I can believe it.


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