Thursday, May 15, 2014

Iron Man 3 (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Iron Man 3 (2013).

I stopped watching superhero movies after first Iron man movie. It wasn't that bad. I just felt I have had enough of these. I continued watching after Elektra. But after Iron man I had enough. I watched Incredible Hulk, which I liked, but Iron man was turning point. I haven't seen second Iron man and this have waited for some time at my streaming services. After two good Thor movies, I had to check this too. Next week won't be superhero movies. These three will do for now.

This felt more like movies I ranted about last week. You have schedule and you make movies to fill schedule. This movie had to be made even though there was nothing to be told. They put together few cool action scenes and let Robert Downey Jr do his magic. That was almost everything movie had. There were few clever things, but it was basically cgi action and Robert Downey Jr. Twist was something I didn't see coming. It is good to watch these movies unspoiled. I spoiled myself with The Amazing Spider-man 2, because I tried to make myself to go to watch it. For other movies I try to stay as unspoiled as possible.

There were good action scenes and bad actions scenes. Good action scenes were ones, where Tony didn't have suit or suit didn't work. When suit worked action scenes were bad. It was good choice to keep Tony's suit broken almost the whole movie. When he had suit on, there was not real threat to him. Final battle should have been epic, but it was shot badly and nothing killed bad guy, until he was finally killed. We know he was killed, because he didn't come back. I just waited it to be over.

Main villain was just not interesting. He was generic bad guy like in second Thor film. Is Marvel running out of interesting villains? Second Thor worked because chemistry between Thor and Loki. In this it is just Robert Downey Jr and people around him are there to support his comedy. Don Cheadle almost had few moments, but it was mainly Robert Downey Jr. There were other actors, who could have done much more, if given change. Rebecca Hall had interesting character, but she wasn't given enough time. Gwyneth Paltrow was totally wasted in this movie. She didn't have almost anything. Movie had three character, who had chemistry with Robert Downey Jr and didn't use any of them. Ben Kingsley could have had bigger role. His character was interesting and I wanted to see him more. We only got generic villains and Robert Downey Jr.

Movie's problem is, they had to release it at certain point and they really didn't know what they had. So they did what they knew have worked earlier. Even end credit scene shows, they had no good ideas, but movie had to be made. End credits scene doesn't have any reveals of future films like Marvel Studio's movies usually have. It is just two actors improvising old joke. End credit scene had to be done and because they didn't have anything to tell, they improved something.

I am not Iron Man fan, who knows all characters from comics. So I won't rant about that one thing. I actually liked it. To me this was entertaining, but forgettable movie. It showed, how talented people can make entertaining movie, even when they don't have anything to say.


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