Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thor (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Thor (2011).

I liked this much more than I expected. Let's be clear. Reason we have this movie is, audience had to get familiar with Thor before The Avengers movie. That is the only reason this movie was made. But that doesn't mean movie itself is bad or there only to fill schedule. It felt like Thor movie should. It felt like J. Michael Straczynski's Thor comics. It felt like that, because J. Michael Straczynski was part of writing staff. For those who don't know who J. Michael Straczynski, he is guy behind Babylon 5. After Babylon 5 he went to write comics. Thor is one superhero, whose stories he wrote. I am not massive Thor fan, but I really liked Straczynski's run. That is how you make good superhero movies. You bring in people, who know the characters and respect the characters.

I didn't know JMS was involved. If I knew, I would have watched this earlier. Now I felt like I had to watch one superhero movie after my rant. I still stand on what I said in that post. Marvel makes Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies to keep characters in audiences mind between The Avengers movies. I think everyone knows that. But at least this was good as its own. There was lot of build for The Avengers, but it wasn't clearly there only to build for The Avengers. Maybe Hawkeye was, but others weren't, they were just same characters we saw again in The Avengers. They could have been replaced, but not taken away.

I would say there was only one thing I didn't like. It was how Thor got back his powers. After Destroyer had killed Thor, Odin somehow knows that in Odin sleep and send Mjölnir to Thor and Thor becomes god of thunder again. He should have gone to get hammer and then become Thor. In comics there was time, when Thor couldn't be Thor unless he held Mjölnir. He became human shortly after he let go of Mjölnir. This movie should have remembered that. Also this solution ruined earlier scene, where he couldn't get Mjölnir out from the stone. If he got that second time, he would have grown to be worthy. Now it was Odin's mercy or survival strategy to give Thor his powers back.

Another thing that is not this movie's problem, but problem for The Avengers. In the end Thor destroyed rainbow bridge and cut himself from Earth. In movie's context Thor sacrificed his love to save people, he wanted to destroy at beginning of the movie. How he got back to Earth in The Avengers, if he was cut away from Earth in this movie? That showed, this movie was made best possible, not only to introduce characters for later movies.

I liked everything else. Tom Hiddleston is perfect Loki. He got better in The Avengers, but he is good in this too. He was guy, who could betray anyone and do anything, if it benefited him. I don't know, if Chris Hemsworth is best choice for Thor. He is good choice, but he is not as natural in his role as Hiddleston. I felt that in The Avengers too. It was nice to see Ray Stevenson. I couldn't have seen him being Volstagg before seeing this movie, but he made it work.


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