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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Thor: The Dark World (2013).

I liked first Thor movie so much, I had to watch this one too. I didn't know what to expect, since this time story wasn't from JMS's pen. First movie was just like JMS's run on Thor comics. It suited perfectly for introduction. This movie turns more epic gear. To my surprise, I liked this even more. First movie had that one important scene I had problems with. This movie doesn't have similar problems. This is first movie, where Chris Hemsworth felt like real Thor. I guess it was hair. He had too short hair in first movie. Tom Hiddleston was as good as in previous movies.

Thor movies have one problem. Thor is in the Avengers and that causes problems for continuity of these movies. First movie ended, when Thor was cut off from Earth. In The Avengers he was fighting in Earth. Events of Avengers movie are brought in this movie. Thor's love Jane Foster ask, why he didn't come to her, when he was on Earth with Avengers. Thor couldn't give good answer. Comics have same problem, when heroes jump from one comic book to another. Thor movies would be little better without Avengers, but there wouldn't be Thor movie without Avengers.

This time there wasn't any build up for next Avengers movie. There was build up for one after that or one after that. More about that later. This movie didn't have to introduce new characters for Avengers movie. Everything was for this story. Movie started with scene, that reminded Lord of the Rings. After that bad guys went to scifi while Asgardians stayed in sword and magic era. It was weird to see Asgardians fighting against enemies with laser guns and scifi grenades. They had high technology, but their stick with swords and spears. They are like that in comics too, but in live action movies it looks silly. It wasn't problem in first movie, where enemies also had medieval weapons. Here enemies had scifi weapons and it as problem. There was no need for enemies have scifi weapons. Enemies with medival weapons would have solved that problem.

Villain is ancient dark elf Malekith, played by ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. I don't know him from comics. In this movie he was generic powerful evil guy. He wasn't as interesting as Marvel's villains normally are. He just wanted to destroy everything. That was enough for movie's story. This was more about Thor and Loki than Malekith. Malekith just provided situation, where Thor and Loki had to work together. And epic final battle.

In first movie humans were there witnessing gods on Earth. That was how it was also on JMS's run on Thor comics. This time Jane Foster and and other humans help destroying Malekith. Jane Foster got Aether, super weapon of this movie. Aether made gods take Jane seriously. Malekith was after Aether. He needed it for destroying the worlds. In the end Malekith is beaten and Asgardians have Aether.

This is where build up for next moves start. After movie told its story. Aether is said to be infinity stone like Tesseract from Avengers movies. It is given to The Collector, who is character in upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The Collector says, there are six infinity stones. We have seen two of those. There are four more to be seen. After that we get to see Infinity Gauntlet story or something similar. If I have to guess, we see next in Guardians of the Galaxy. Then one in second Avengers movie. One in third Thor movie and last in second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Then it will be time for third Avengers movie and Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet. Infinity Gauntlet needs proper build up. It will be something else, if they do it as it was in comics. I doubt it can be done like that, but I want to see what they can come up with.


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