Friday, May 2, 2014

Why I won't do The Amazing Spider-man 2 until it gets to my streaming services

I was hyped after watching the first movie. I mentioned this movie's problems in Finland on Toxic Avenger post. I have told only movie I wait this year is The Guardians of the Galaxy. Well that is still only movie I am waiting for. I felt like I should go watch the movie. Then I check the price and the length. I don't want to go to watch almost two and half hour movie, I feel no interest in and pay almost same, I pay to see one of my favorite bands live later this month.

So what happened after I was so hyped after the first movie. I have forgotten almost everything about the movie. It was kind of surprise to see sequel was coming this summer. Electro as main villain was disappointment. I didn't like him in comics. I guess they are trying to make this series long, when they start with lesser villains. Based on trailers, movie's Electro is different kind of Electro I remember from comics. In comics he was beaten by insulated gloves. Sam Raimi used more iconic villains. Here we get villains from the bottom of the barrel.

First movie was forgettable even when it felt like good movie after watching it. At the moment I don't feel like spending almost two and half hours watching cgi fighting and characters I don't see interesting. Aunt May seem to become stupid since first movie. Harry Osborne seem to be creepy and evil from get go. Electro is nobody, who feels betrayed, when Spider-man doesn't know him. Peter Parked doesn't feel likeable. Trailers don't sell this movie to me. They don't offer me anything interesting.

Movie will be released in USA week after international release. If that release doesn't cause praise from trusted sources, I won't spend time and money to watch this in theater. I tried to go there, but haven't been able to do that. If this was one and half hours, I might go. Two and half hours is long time to watch bad movie. Trailers point to bad movie. I have tried to go few times already. I was totally unspoiled. I only knew Electro was main villain. Didn't feel like going. Watched trailers. Didn't feel like going. Spoiled myself more. Still didn't feel like going. You get the pattern.

I wrote this post, because I felt someone might expect my post of the movie. I wanted to explain, why I won't do post now. This is current plan and it might change, but don't hold breath waiting.

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