Thursday, June 12, 2014

Disaster movie (2008)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Disaster movie (2008).

When movie is named Disaster movie, you expect it to be parody of disaster movies. It is parody, but not about disaster movies. It is parody about every movie made just before this movie. There is disaster, but if you take that away, you would only lose couple minutes and few jokes. There was little from Day After Tomorrow, little from Twister and some falling meteorites. You would have missed anything, if you changed this apocalypse to thunder-storm. Tells you something about how much of a disaster movie this is.

I have only seen few of the parodied movies. I might have missed some jokes because of that. Movie shouldn't require you to watch other movies to be entertaining. However parodies of movies, I have seen, didn't work either. Hancock is movie about alcoholic superhero. This movie parodies it by showing him drunken. Everything of this movies Hancock could have been in Hancock. Maybe some of it was. Point is, this movie didn't bring anything interesting to Hancock. There were no real jokes. Just drunken superhero being drunk. In Wanted assassins could curve bullets around objects.  In this movie one guy tries that in party. He shoots two guys, because he can't do that. Then woman stands on front of him and ask him to try curving now. This time he manages to curve the bullet so good, that it goes around woman's head and hit her in forehead. In Wanted hero hit the target in similar situation.

Batman parody was Batman talking with Christian Bale's Batman voice and leaving the apocalypse. Day After Tomorrow parody was having cold wave from the movie. No joke, just similar instant freezing. I think those were parodies of movies I knew. Knowing the movie didn't help make those better. I assume it is same for every other joke too. Calling them jokes might be too much. There were no good jokes in this movie. it was just people acting weird and going for low hanging fruits. Most "jokes" were too long. I guess Miley Cyrus joke of album "Underaged" sound little bit different today than it sounded when movie was made. I am just guessing. I don't know Miley Cyrus of 2008.

Best thing in this movie is, that it is so short. Most of these movies are short. They don't have to make as many jokes in shorter movie as in longer. There are no real stories, just jokes. It is strange, that this movie has lower score in IMDB than Epic Movie. This is bad movie, but not painfully bad like Epic Movie. No, I won't do Epic Movie. I don't want to see it again. One time was more than enough.


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