Monday, June 16, 2014

Pacific Rim (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Pacific Rim (2013).

I wanted to hate this with passion. I wanted to go to see this at theater just to write bad review, when this was still hot. I didn't want to support this anyway. That is why I didn't go to theater. Now I had change to watch this without paying anything extra. And I don't hate it with passion. I don't like it either. It looks good and I understand, why some people liked it so much. But story is full of clichés and some  parts of movie make no sense. Besides looking good, it didn't have anything for me.

I didn't like the concept of Jägers. After seeing trailer first time, I wanted to know, why they had two people controlling Jäger. They explained it by telling one human could not handle stress of mental link to Jäger. So mental link to Jäger and another human is much easier. I don't understand, why they needed such deep connection to Jäger. After all Jäger followed their body movement. Connection hurt pilots, when something went broken, disabling the pilots. Whole connection thing made it harder to find pilots, because they had to be compatible. Pilots had to be ready from get go, because they used fully armed Jägers to test, if pilots were compatible. It was good thing, they could take weapons offline, when something went wrong. But weapons were online on first test. Made a lot of sense.

Build of Jäger made no sense too. Why would you build huge human shaped robots to fight monsters with fists? Only after program was cancelled, they gave them swords and knifes. For years until that point Jägers used only fists. First time Jäger used sword was after it had lost fist fight and had no other choice. Jäger pilots weren't so good with tactics or strategy. Kaiju came through one portal on interval they could calculate. No-one thought to build fortress around portal and kill Kaiju, when they came from portal. That was not an option. It was better to wait until they came closer to cities and fight, where fighting caused more destruction.

I would have build fortress and fought Kaiju from air with missiles jets and helicopters. No point putting you war machines on harm's way, if you don't have to. Some Jägers used missiles too. Those could have been loaded to jets and helicopters. Nothing in movie told, why that wouldn't have worked. Humans tried to build walls around coasts to stop Kaiju. Why not build fortress around portal? No, that would have made sense. Jägers program was cancelled to build walls, that slows Kaiju for an hour. Jäger could stop Kaiju, but politicians wanted to build walls that couldn't. It is probably cheaper to have army of robots than build walls around all continents and give oceans to Kaiju. Made a lot of sense.

Story was predictable and characters uninteresting. This movie was made for visuals. Many things didn't make any sense, but it looked good. I don't hate it with passion. I just don't like it. It just another entry of blockbuster movies with bad scripts and lot of cgi action. It is too much to ask for interesting story, when putting all effort on special effects is enough for most of the audience. For that I hate it, but I hate most of the other blockbusters for same reason.


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