Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scary Movie 5 (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Scary Movie 5 (2013).

First Scary Movie was entertaining. Sequels have been from boring to painfully bad. Movies took one movie as basis of the style and story and added something from popular culture and other current movies. This time it is found footage movies.I assume, they did use Paranormal Activity. Assume, because I haven seen those movies, only parts of them. Everybody seems to be making parody movies and this is the fifth movie in this series. No wonder, jokes start to run out.

Only entertaining moments happen when Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan or Snoop Dogg is on screen. Those times movie can make fun of actor public appearance. Points for all the three for doing such a good self parody of themselves. Charlie and Lindsey start the movie by having one night stand. You have to know, what they have done to get everything out of this.  After that Snoop Dogg has few scenes. He is not himself in this movie like Charlie and Lindsey are, but you could have fooled me. Then there is boring horror parody until we get ending which completes one of Snoop Dogg's jokes. After end credits we get ending with Charley and Lindsey. You didn't watch the end credits?

I am nice guy this time and not make you watch the movie again. Turns out this was just Charlie's dream. He wakes up in his bedroom telling "DiCaprio", how weird dream he just had. "DiCaprio" tells him there was something real in the dream, since Lindsey is coming this night. Right after that Lindsey drives a car through the bedroom wall and hits Charlie. There was joke in beginning, how Charlie didn't want Lindsey to drive, because he is pedestrian and doesn't want to get hit by her car. I have to give credit to this movie for making celebrity cameos work. There was also Usher, who showed how to dance. Mike Tyson cameo was bad, but quickly over.

I have to say, I am not sure, if I have seen any of the movies this movie parodies. Based on promotional material I have seen, there was Paranormal Activity, Black Swan, new Planet of the Apes sequel (I have seen all originals and like the whole series, thanks for asking) and movie, where there is a cabin in the wood, but not The Cabin in the Woods. Joke about how many horror movies have a cabin in the woods was funny. But that was when Snoop Dogg was on screen. So what I said earlier still applies.

Main part felt almost like badly written serious horror movie. There were things you expect from parody movie, but nothing funny. I might have seen too many of these lately or good jokes are really running out for these kind of movies. You get all the best parts by watching beginning, where Charlie, Lindsey and Snoop Dogg have their scenes and then go to end, when Snoop Dogg returns and watch all cut scenes during credits and Charlie's and Lindsey's scene at the end.


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