Monday, June 9, 2014

Superhero Movie (2008)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superhero Movie (2008).

I honestly forgot, I have seen this before. This follows so close Sam Raimi's first Spider-man movie, it took me almost half an hour to realize, I have seen this before. In lab scene I remembered, one of these movie had horny animals joke, but even when it came, I didn't realize, I have seen this movie before. Tells you how forgettable the movie is. Best thing about it is, that it is so short. Movie takes only 70 minutes plus cut scenes during credits. Cut scenes had the best jokes. For those, who haven't seen the cut scenes, Dragonfly's sidekick is named Black C.... Rooster. Black Rooster.

Movie followed too closely Sam Raimi's Spider-man. Story and many of the scenes are from that movie. If you don't count short jokes, only X-Men plots and Stephen Hawkins were not from Spider-man. It is strange to me, that they used real names of X-Men in movie. Sorry, also Johnny Storm, Human Torch from Fantastic Four used name and likeness of comic character. However, that guy looked more like Mr Fantastic than Human Torch. Other characters didn't use names from superhero comics. Why not make new superheroes with ridiculous powers? X-Men and Fantastic Four jokes were quite generic. Over the top superheroes would have made them better.

Cast included Leslie Nielsen, parody specialist from golden age of parody movies. It was nice to see him. He has been in bad parody movies too, but this is not one of those. it is not good parody movie either. Movie was sold with Leslie Nielsen and Fantastic Four and X-Men characters. Pamela Anderson as Invisible Girl is shows for few seconds only. Human Torch few seconds longer. Wolverine and Storm don't have much more screen time. Professor Xavier has few minutes, when he brings Dragonfly to his school, but nothing more after that. Feels like these characters are in movie to have them on poster.

This is quite average parody movie. It follows source material closely and adds jokes to scenes. It doesn't get annoying like some parodies do. Maybe in one scene, where Aunt sleeps on couch. But only in that one scene. It doesn't try too much. X-Men and Fantastic Four scenes feel unnecessary , but without them movie would have been just over hour. There weren't any really good moments, if you don't count couple jokes from cut scenes. Movie is produced by David Zucker from parody power trio Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker. With him and Leslie Nielsen, this got something from golden age of parody movie, but it doesn't got the magic of trio's best works.


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