Thursday, July 10, 2014

Evil Dead (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Evil Dead (2013).

It is quite rare, that remake is worth making, if original is classic. Usually you make fans of original movie angry. This movie is one of those rare cases. This movie is good as its own. It may have to much iconic things from original series like cutting arms off and chain saws. I don't remember, how much humor original movie had. Third movie was horror comedy. This doesn't have any humor in it, which was good choice. It made clear, this doesn't try to remake what what original movie series was. It felt like own movie.

Well, as its own movie as collection of clichés can be.  Movie doesn't have anything we haven't seen before. There is just more of everything and it is done better. Story is basic horror story. Five young adults come to cabin in the woods. Their goal is to help their friend Mia get rid of her drug addiction. Friends find strange book from basement. One of the friends start to read the book and says the magic words, which wakes up evil spirit.  Mia sees evil spirit, but others think she has withdrawal symptoms. She escapes the cabin, but evil spirit stops her and possesses her.  Friends get possessed one by one and nobody knows what s actually happening.

What follows is feast of blood and practical effects. Movie shows, why practical effects are still superior to cgi. Level of violence and blood is something you rarely see. This is one of those new movies, which doesn't try to get PG-13 rating. but chooses to tone movie for older audience. Movie's rating caused controversy. It was quite bloody and violent for R-rating. I am not sure did I see cut version or unrated version. It was more bloody and violent movie that we are used to. It was because effects were so realistic. It never felt like violence and blood was there for sake of violence and blood. All of it was needed to tell the story and make movie more effective.

If you want to see one genre movie to see what genre is all about, this is good choice. It is pure genre movie. It is better done than average genre movie. It is many ways like Cabin in the Woods. This is ultimate genre movie, when Cabin in the Woods uses genre cliches to tell story and have quite a twist. Both movies understand and respect the genre. If you want to see another good genre movie Cabin in the Woods.  I am not horror movie fan, but lately there have been few movies I have liked a lot. I have to add Drag me to Hell to that list and there are at least one other potential movie to that list. But that will be another time and another post.


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