Monday, July 21, 2014

Justice League: Doom (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Justice League: Doom (2012).

Sometimes movies make you wonder, why scripts are not checked before movies are done. Justice League: Doom is one of those movies. Or is it that this looks good on paper and you realize, how bad it is after seeing the product? This movie is loosely based on comic story JLA: Tower of Babel. So it would be possible to see how this looked on paper. I haven't read to the comics, so I can't comment on that.

Batman has mad plans to stop every member of Justice League if they become evil. Vandal Savage steals plans and recruits Justice League's enemies to kill Justice League. Every member has his or her own enemy to do the killing. Plans to kill Martian Manhunter and Superman made sense. Martian Manhunter was poisoned and Superman shot with kryptonite bullet. Other plans didn't make any sense, if goal was to kill the person.

Bane attacked Batman. He knocked Batman unconscious. Instead of killing Batman, he buried Batman alive. Cheetah scratches Wonder Woman's arm during battle and get nanomachines into Wonder Woman's bloodstream. Namomachines make Wonder Woman see everyone as Cheetah. Cheetah leaves Wonder Woman to burn herself out fighting against everyone. If goal was to kill Wonder Woman, why not make nanomachines do something else to Wonder Woman's brains than change what she sees? Like shutting down her brains or destroy something important.

Mirror Master's trap attached bomb to Flash's arm. Bomb explodes, if Flash slows down. Flash had to run, if he wanted to live. Why not make time bomb or use nanomachines like with Wonder Woman? Green Lantern was framed to think he is not worth of Green Lantern's powers and he drops the ring. Remember, this was Batman's plan to stop Green Lantern if he became evil. Would Green Lantern thought about worthiness, when he is evil? Star Sapphire leaves Green Lantern after Green Lantern has dropped the ring. Not killing like she was paid to do.

See any pattern? Villains don't kill heroes, they leave them to die, but don't wait until heroes are dead. I know, they can't kill members of Justice League in animation movie, but this was lazy and stupid. Of course heroes will survive, when villains leave and heroes can work together. This movie lacked working together. Heroes work together only when they save each others and when they save the world from solar flare. When they fight against League of Doom, each pick their own enemy and fight him or her like in their own comics. No co-operation or changing enemies there.

Vandal Savage's plan was to destroy half of earth by shooting solar flares from sun. His base would have been in destroyed are, but it would have survived. What would have been the point of having base in destroyed area, when all other survivors lived another side of the planet? He wanted to rule people, not be as far as possible from them. Luckily Justice League managed to make Earth and everything on it incorporeal for moment. Solar flare just went through Earth and everything on it. I am not a scientist, but I think that would cause a lot of problems.

In the end Justice League discuss, can they let Batman be part of the group. Batman says he shouldn't be part of the group, if others can't see why he had to have those plans. He and Superman have discussion after Justice League made its decision. but decision is never told. Discussion hints, Batman stays, but it is not sure, if only Superman approved Batman's actions or did everyone approve. But does it matter in the end, because two biggest names in Justice League and Justice League doesn't feel same, if one of them is missing?


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