Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is wrong with Elysium(2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Elysium (2013).

This will really spoil the movie. This is third time I will do two back to back posts of one movie. I didn't plan this. I just felt I had to go deeper.

Let's start with the thing that lost me, the factory. Factory was there to show exploitation of third world which happens in real world too. Problem with this factory is, it doesn't make any sense. It was like putting people to build cars by hand. At that time machines would have build the robots. Machines would have made robots faster and more accurate. There was no reason to put humans build robots. If there was, it wasn't explained. Any non-sense explanation would have helped. Like one phase in process would mess electronics and humans had to do that. And it was dangerous. Problem solved. Writing was too lazy in this part.

Factory didn't care about employees or employee safety. They had healing machines which didn't seem to require any resources. And they sent fatally wounded home to die. Like employees didn't have any skills any guy from street wouldn't have. These were sophisticated robots they building.

Max's encounter with robot police didn't make any sense either or he was total idiot. Robot police have been there before and he had to know they don't understand humor. After all he was building them. Max just invited robot police to attack him and injure him. Scene would have made sense, if robot police just arrived from somewhere and no-one know how they act.

Elysium was completely controlled by computer. Anyone, who configured computer and rebooted it, could change the whole society. Become ruler of Elysium or make everyone citizens of Elysium. And that could not be changed back because of lazy writing. Computer could not arrest any Elysium citizen. So any Elysium citizen could do anything they wanted and no-one would stop them. I can see how that could go wrong. Our heroes attacked Elysium and caused destruction. When they made everyone citizen of Elysium, they could walk away like nothing happened.

Computers made decision on their own to send healing machines to earth when everyone was made citizen of Elysium. That was just configuration change. Ships containing healing machines were already built. So Elysium just kept them for themselves never used them. Why they built them first place and why they kept them themselves when they had no need for them? That would have been interesting theme. Like surgically attached exoskeletons. Why more people didn't have them? There also versions you could wear like clothes and take away.

I have mentioned healing machines few times. In Elysium every house has healing machines that can cure death. You just laid in side machine and in few seconds machine cured everything. If Earth was over populated, with these machines, Elysium would be soon too. I didn't get what was deal with citizenship tattoos. Refugees had them when they went to Elysium and machines saw them as Elysium citizens. When everyone was citizen, healing machines knew who they were. What those tattoos actually did? Made machines see refugees as someone else?  That would be wise thing to do when you want to use machine that heals everything.

Movie had potential and good ideas. But it was wasted on lazy writing. Movie wanted to tell a story without realizing most things didn't make sense. It could have told same story in world which made more sense.


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