Monday, September 1, 2014

Doctor Who: Deep Breath (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode Deep Breath (2014).

I haven't seen 7th season of Doctor Who and this is written before I saw second episode  of 8th season. Please, keep that in mind when you read this post.

This was first time were really saw Peter Capaldi's Doctor. He had one frame in 50th anniversary episode and few seconds in Christmas special. Addition to that there were few photos released of Doctor's costume. What we got wasn't what I expected. Everything before this showed strong and angry Doctor. This Doctor was vulnerable and defeated. Stage was set for search of Gallifrey. In first episode Doctor says he don't believe he will find his "promised land" referring to Gallifray.

This was Doctor's first episode after regeneration. So what we got this time may not be what we get later. In first episode Doctor is confused and evolves into what he will be. Writer may not know how to write for this version of Doctor and so on.

In first episode after regeneration Doctor chooses his new clothes. In this episode Doctor just disappears and appear again in new clothes. He disguised himself as robots and he will wear that for rest of his run. I didn't like that. Choosing clothes tells us something about the Doctor. Does this mean this Doctor doesn't care what he wear? He stays in first decent clothes he wore.

What we saw after confusion part, was Doctor I could like very much. It was told this would be anti-Matt Smith's Doctor and it looked like that in good way. Matt Smith's Doctor was silly and impulsive, doing things without thinking too much. Peter Capaldi's Doctor is serious and darker. He talked robot into killing itself. Question is, are we getting this defeated, vulnerable and darker Doctor or strong and angry Doctor of specials and promotional materials. Or something in between.

Search for Gallifrey has been put to hold. This episode reintroduced robots from episode The Girl in the Fireplace. Are they having larger role in 12th Doctor's run or were they just villains in this episode? New character Missy will certainly have larger role in 12th Doctor's run. I guess she is time lord and Doctor's ex-wife or former girlfriend. Will she bring search for Gallifrey back and what does she want from the Doctor?

Matt Smith cameo was unnecessary. Everything it brought could be done with other characters and same of it was. I guess it was for Matt Smith fans, but for the story it was unnecessary.

Now that I follow Doctor Who same time with rest of the world, you can expect more Doctor Who Thursdays. I won't promise to do every episode. I will watch 7th season and I might do some of those episodes too. You can expect quite Doctor Who heavy next couple months.


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