Thursday, September 4, 2014

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episodes Into the Dalek (2014) and Dalek (2005)

Into the Dalek is many ways remake of 9th Doctor's episode Dalek. First episode after time war featuring Dalek. There is one Dalek and Doctor learning about each others. Dalek goes berserk and start fighting human. In the end Dalek makes his choice which involves stop killing humans.

Dalek gave us information about time war. This episode gave us nothing of that sort. Anniversary episode changed the time war. That probably changed Daleks too. But nothing about that here. It was like episode had nothing to do with time war. I don't know how much this changed Daleks' anatomy. It felt like changes were made to have this story. I am not big enough fan to remeber if Daleks have been as connected to their suits as in this episode.

12th Doctor's theme seems to be Doctor not trying to prevent deaths and sometimes to contribute for dying of others. He doesn't want anyone to die, but he accept other's death as only choice quite easily. And Missy is there to pick up the dead. I still think she is time lord and Doctor's ex-wife or former girlfriend. I am really disappointed, if Missy turns out to be Classic Doctor's villain Rani. I liked Rani, but it would be stupid to bring her with new name and then reveal her to be Rani. That was done with Master, but then it made sense since we didn't know him to be anything special. Now we know Missy is something special.

This Doctor will certainly be different than any of earlier Doctor's. I had to check couple time did I saw what really happened. This time he wasn't as defeated as in first episode. This was closer to what I expected. This Doctor's actions are closer to what Ninth Doctor looked like. Ninth was strange Doctor. He looked tough, but didn't act tough. 12th Doctor looks and acts tough. I think Doctor is still trying to find his style and can be something different in third episode. I liked this episode's Doctor. As I did with first episode's. I hope they don't try to make him funny like they did and failed with Ninth Doctor. They made that work with Tenth Doctor.

They missed opportunity to name this episode Journey to the Center of the Dalek. I would have like this episode more with that name. Episode had moments, but felt too much like remake of earlier episode and I didn't like what they did to Dalek's anatomy.


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