Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doctor Who: Listen (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode Listen (2014).

Listen is latest entry in Steven Moffat's mission to make Doctor Who fans fear everything. It introduces new race, which reminds Weeping Angels and Silence. Weeping Angels moved when you didn't watch. You forget Silence when you don't see them. New race is so good at hiding, we usually don't realize they are everywhere. All three races live among us, but we don't see them. Is Steven Moffat repeating himself?

New race was just introduced in this episode. We learned almost nothing about then. They were at the end of the world after everyone else had died. What race has to do with big picture? So far we had Missy and robots searching promised land for season's continuity. Will the new race be there too? Based on how this episode left thing open, I guess we will see them again.

Eleventh Doctor had couple as companions. 12th seem to have too. Ponds had awkward moments. Clara and Danny seem to have similar problems. This episode start with failed first date. Then Clara and Doctor go to the past, where Clara talks to young Danny and this makes Danny become solder later. When Clara gets back to today, she goes back to date with Danny.

This time date fails because Clara knows things she learned in past she shouldn't know. If things aren't awkward enough yet, Clara meets her and Danny's great-grandson from the future in same café she had date with Danny.

So first date goes like this. Clara and Danny can't stand each others at first date, but try to endure until Clara leaves. Clara meets young Danny and learn more about him. She goes back to café. This time Danny leaves because Clara knows things she shouldn't know. Clara meets her and Danny's great-grandson, which conforms Clara that she and Danny should  be together. She goes to Danny's place and they become lovers. We saw this from Clara's point of view. How weird it was from Danny's point of view?

I think Steven Moffat should not write romances. He is better with scifi stories. Love story was really weird. Story about new race was much more interesting. Episode didn't have own story. I don't count Clara's and Danny's date as such. Everything was to make bigger story go forward. Clara and Danny become couple and new race was introduced. After this episode I started to fear this season will became a mess like 11th Doctor's seasons. So long we have four different stories for this season.  Each seem to have nothing to do with each others.


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