Monday, September 8, 2014

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy (2012).

This blog may be confusing to read from now on. I have done two episodes from eight season, this one is from seventh season and next post may be from eight season. So, this is seventh season with Matt Smith as 11th Doctor and Ponds as companions.

Seventh season started with two mediocre episodes. In second episode Doctor practically kills a man, but that doesn't cause any reactions. Then comes third episode, which is one of the best Doctor Who episodes. It feels like mediocre episodes until the twist. Episode reminded me of Star Trek episode The Conscience of the King. Both are about good men, who have done terrible things and justice. I try to do The Conscience of the King soon.

Doctor and companions arrive to wild west town called Mercy. Mercy is terrorized by Gunslinger, who doesn't let anyone in or out. He is looking for alien doctor. Doctor is not that doctor. That doctor is Jex, who has helped the town. Doctor tries to help Jex escape the Gunslinger. He solos during execution of the plan and finds out who Jex really is. Jex is scientist, who has done terrible experiments while building cyborg warriors. Gunslinger is one of those warriors. Gunslinger tells Doctor, he will bring justice to Jex and next person coming out of Mercy better be Jex, because he will kill that person.

At town Doctor sees things are not as black and white as they seemed. Jex did terrible experiments and build cyborgs. He did that to stop the war that was destroying his planet. Doctor should not judge what Jex did by peace time standards. After all Doctor is not that different from Jex. Jex has just stepped over couple more lines. Gunslinger is malfunctioning cyborg, who hunts down everyone, who built cyborg. Doctor doesn't like what Jex tells him. He is ready to give Jex to Gunslinger. Others stop him. Gunslinger gives ultimatum to Mercy to give Jex to him or he kills everyone in Mercy.

Episodes goes to very interesting territory giving us points why Mercy should give Jex and why they should not. Does Jex deserve justice and what his punishment should be. He is not evil scientist or good doctor. He is both. Things are not as black and white as they seemed at first glance. I spoiled the major twist. I won't spoil the ending.

I was surprised to see Ben Browder's name on episode's credits at IMDB. I didn't see him during the episode. When I checked again, he was in episode, but he acted so good that I didn't realize he was there. He was in one of my favorite television series Farscape and now in one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.


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