Monday, October 20, 2014

Building My Online Empire

Kvesti on Movies and Stuff just landed to Tumblr. You can find it from Currently it is just place to share my YouTube videos and Blogger blog  posts. In future I may find better your for it. Feel free to follow me there too. Twitter is best place to follow me if you want to get all things I create.

I might start to write short reviews. After seeing how much hits this blog gets I got inspired to write more. Videos will get highest priority, but if there I a movie I like to review, which won't get video review, it will get blog post here.

Hardest thing in blogging platform change seems to be waiting blog be added to search engines. And of course losing all the links to site previous platform. I am eager to see how much traffic search engines bring to this site. Neither Google or Bing has indexed this blog yet. I don't remember how long it took with original blog. Funny thing is, links to this blog on appear in search results, but blog itself doesn't.

I hope it is not flagged as spam. One reason I wrote this is to get original content, not just copies from original blog. I hid original blog from search engines, but they still remember it.

I have had three posts about blogging. Next Wednesday is the publishing date of my first real YouTube video. I don't count teaser or trailer as such. Then this blog gets back to what it should be.

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