Thursday, October 2, 2014

Doctor Who: The Caretaker (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode The Caretaker (2014).

First to things that annoy me the most in this episode. When Clara said he loved Danny, I didn't believe her. So far she has acted like Danny is only single man around and she has to make this relationship work because she has no other choice. She is too eager to adventure with Doctor and has too much fun with him. Is this bad acting from Jenna Coleman or bad writing? Danny knows Clara is not serious with relationship and has his doubts. Everything has pointed to this direction. It is always weird to see them act like lovers when they normally are like two persons trying to make relationship work because they have no other choice.

Another annoying thing was Doctor complaining about running out of time. Clearly writer doesn't understand the concept of time travel. Doctor can travel in time, do what he needs to do and come back seconds after. He has all the time in the world to do what ever he needs to do. Ponds wanted to leave Doctor because they aged faster than their friends because of all the time travelling. They could travel in time for weeks and be away from our time for few seconds.

Third milder annoyance was how episode expected us to love Clara. Clara had couple "would it be fun if our favorite character did this" scenes. Scenes that didn't make much sense in story's context, but were funny if you loved the character. 11th Doctor had lot of these scenes and they seem to creep into 12th Doctor's run. I don't mean there shouldn't be any funny moments. You see when writers expect you to love the character and don't put enough effort into writing for character. Then you get into "wouldn't it be funny" territory.

This episode made me like Danny. Too bad he was tied to Clara earlier this season. Danny and Doctor together without Clara could be interesting. Doctor with only male companion might be too much for some. Other woman is out of picture because we are told Danny and Clara will have children. Maybe they could have longer in search of Clara story. Doctor and Danny seemed to have chemistry and both are quite dark characters. It could work.

Beginning of the episode felt like Doctor would turn into nice Doctor. I am happy that it didn't happen. Doctor is still grumpy old man and rising in my rankings. I have problems with Clara. She seem to be out of the place this season. She worked better with Matt Smith's Doctor.

We saw Missy again this season. Promised land was tied to Missy's place, what ever it was. Are all those robots in previous episodes seeking for death? So far only dead have got to promised land. Does that mean there is no search for Gallifrey this season? Doctor knew about Gallifrey in 2013 Christmas special. Why he has forgotten it?


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