Sunday, October 19, 2014

Few words considering move from Wordpress to Blogger

My biggest surprise is statistics. This blog has already surpassed my Wordpress blog's this week's hit count. This blog has been online less than a day and no search engine finds it at the moment. Wordpress blog has been online almost two years and it is on search engines.

I suspected Wordpress statistics doesn't work. This clearly show I was right. First I suspected it when I started to get more likes than views. Then there was that one time after which views dropped to fraction of what they were before. How much harder it would have been to change platform if I knew real view count which is ten or more times of what was shown to me. How much more motivated I would have been to write new posts?

I only have few links in tweets for this blog and it gets more hits than my Wordpress blog. I can actually see the change when I am doing something. I had similar links in Twitter for Wordpress blog, but I didn't see any change there. Like less than every 10th hit counts as a hit in Wordpress.

One thing is better in Wordpress. Adding media is so simple that it could be easily abused. I could add YouTube videos that weren't published yet. I haven't found way to do that here yet. This is much more sophisticated and that kind of functionality is not available. I can't share scheduled videos from YouTube or give url of scheduled video here. At the moment I can't test different things since importing over 300 blog posts here has tagged me as "non-human", machine, bot or something like that.

If there is easy way to do that, I would like to know it. My goal was to post videos here soon after they we published in YouTube. That would be easiest if I could schedule posts which contain scheduled videos. I would also like to know how to be recognized as human by Blogger.

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