Sunday, October 26, 2014

One month to 26th of November

...And first episode of Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. My original schedule was to have first episode ready by now. It was also a plan to make that before first episode of 5 Minutes with Kvesti. That is already online and second episode is done and scheduled to be published next Wednesday.

Well... I haven't started to make first episode yet. I have some assets ready, but writing and shooting haven't started. But I don't think that will be problem. 5 Minutes with Kvesti episodes have taught me a lot of video making. There is still one month to go. There is still plenty of time. I have formula planned and next two weeks I can use for first episode.

Original plan was both shows to have weekly schedule. At the moment I am not sure if Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will have weekly of bi-weekly schedule. 5 Minutes with Kvesti will be weekly show. Having Kvesti on Movies and Stuff on weekly schedule might be too time consuming: 5 Minutes with Kvesti currently takes more time than I expected. Kvesti on Movies and Stuff is more ambitious than 5 Minutes with Kvesti. I try to have original background music and some sort of graphics. And it will be longer. That will take more time.

I started this project month ago and it seems to be going well at the moment. First episode of Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will be out 26th of November. What I didn't plan was my new online presence. Kvesti on Movies and Stuff is on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and YouTube. First two are for sharing links at the moment. Tumblr will be for Q&A, behind the Scenes stuff and trailers. I have dropped trailers from this blog. If you want to see trailers, you should follow me on Tumblr. I put links to my blog posts and YouTube videos there too, but I will have original content for that site too.

Then there is my personal Twitter account, which will have all the above and more. You can find links to everywhere on top of this post or at sidebar.

I have started to write short spoiler free reviews. You can expect them on Fridays. If I will write more of them, I will publish them on other days too. First of those came last Friday.

If you want to help me on this project, subscribe my pages and like/share my posts and videos. That will help me get better positions in searches. By changing from Wordpress to here, I lost my blogs positions in search engines. Well, I still have them, but they point to old blog and I will lose them after search engines can't crawl old blog.

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