Thursday, October 9, 2014

YouTube channel update

That mysteriuos short video means I have started YouTube channel for Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. It will have two shows. Main show "Kvesti on Movies and Stuff" will be what I have done here, but on video form. I will put more effort on that. Another show "5 minutes with Kvesti" will be more of a vlog type thing. Turn on the camera and talk type of thing. "Kvesti on Movies and Stuff" will start at 26.11.2014. It is Wednesday. When I set the date I planned to do only one show for channel. It may change to Thursday now that I plan to do two shows, but first show will be 26.11.2014. Date was set to be second anniversary of this blog. Plan is to start "5 Minutes with Kvesti" by end of this month. It depends how ready first episode on "Kvesti on Movies and Stuff" is by then.

So why go to YouTube? It felt like good idea at the time. I was thinking what I will do with this blog after second anniversary. This haven't become as popular as I hoped. I watched around my flat and realized that I have almost everything I need to start to shoot videos. I have photography equipment capable of shooting decent video. Some youtubers get great results with similar gear. I have good enough music gear to make my own music and video editing software. With little investment I could have everything I need. Many years ago I had own radio show at local radio station. YouTube channel is not too big leap from that. So I only had to make a decision to start.

On YouTube channel I can combine three things I like: movies, photography and music. Photographers seem to have best looking YouTube videos. I hope that works for me too. So far I have tested my gear to be sure everything is good enough. I am currently making title/theme/intro/what-you-wanna-call-it for "Kvesti on Movies and Stuff". Next weekend I start to do first episode. It may take two weeks to finish since I have learn many things and make decisions what kind of show it will be. After it is done I will start to make "5 Minutes with Kvesti" and second episode. I hope to have some backlog and routine when 26.11.2014 comes. Currently I feel like I have realistic time line. At least if I postpone more time consuming ideas.

What will happen to this blog? I will publish my videos here too. But I don't know for how long. Review posts will stop after I start to publish videos. I may cut down review posts even before that. I don't know how well I can do reviews in two different formats at same time. I can't review same movies. This blog may become more of forum for status updates and quick comments. What will eventually happen depends how popular this is compared to YouTube channel. It is always possible I found YouTube channel to be too time consuming for what I get from it and get back here and continue this blog as it was. At this time it felt like right time to give YouTube channel a shot.


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