Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Doctor Who: Kill The Moon - 5 Minutes with Kvesti

I don't even want to know, why we had mid-season break in Finland. I would only make me angry. Break is over and I can continue to review Doctor Who episodes. I won't do these reviews weekly. For example next week's video will be about Interstellar. These videos speculate episodes without knowledge of what happens later. If you are watching episode for a first time you can watch video after watching the episode to hear my thoughts of the episode.

This video is first with my new light and last to be shot on weekday evening. This is also last video I did with write-shoot-edit-repeat formula. I changed to to write x episodes - shoot y episodes - edit episodes when I have time or I need to have episode finished cycle. This should save some time and give better episodes. Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will always be about older topics. I doesn't matter when I shoot the episodes. 5 Minutes with Kvesti have more current topics, but not every week.

Hope you liked this week's video. Next week it will be about Interstellar.
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