Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interstellar - 5 Minutes with Kvesti

So I joined the Interstellar hype. I don't feel like it is the greatest movie ever made. It good, but not that good. In video I tell what I think about the movie. This video is spoiler free. My opinion is, you should see this movie as unspoiled as possible. I still haven't seen the trailer for the movie. I will do spoiler video after movie is released on home media.

I shot three videos same time for a first time and I had some problems with lights. One light was out of power and other died during shooting videos. Next week's video has same dying light. I changed batteries for third video. I liked this darker look so much I might do something similar in future videos.

This and next two 5 Minutes with Kvesti might be last with this format. They are last before first episode of Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. After that I will take these videos closer to what Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will be. Original plan was to have these as totally different shows, but now when I have done few of these and one Kvesti on Movies and Stuff episode, I feel original plan wasn't that good. Shows will be different, but not as much as original plan was.

Next week's video is another Doctor Who video.
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