Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Metropolis (1927)

You give the date two months before the day and then internet stops working couple hours before the video is published. I could have managed with less stress. But all is fine now. Video is there for all to see.

Metropolis has been on the schedule for review since starting the blog. I waited for latest version. I couldn't find it anywhere on blu ray or dvd. I have heard rumors of Finnish release, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Movie is probably not well enough known for big release. Then it was shown on tv and because I have decided to start YouTube channel, I didn't have to think what will be the first movie.

At one point I planned to make this look like black and white silent movie. I decided to make this look like normal video. That could be wrong decision if my idea for next episode works. If it works silent movie looks would have been small thing. If I go for more artistic style, I probably do"director's cut" of this video with silent movie looks.
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