Monday, November 3, 2014

Shorts: Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter (2012)

So, this thing exists.Story of Abraham Lincoln with vampires. I don't know the source material. It might be what this movie should be. Less serious. Movie is in troubles when it mixes vampires with real life of Abraham Lincoln. Real Lincoln's law studies and career in politics didn't made sense for vampire hunter. Like he just decided pursue career in politics for no real reason. It was in movie because real Lincoln did that. Vampire Hunter Lincoln wouldn't have done that.

When you see name Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter, you expect something insane. You will be disappointed. Movie tries to be serious action movie and keep it's characters relatively historically accurate. You shouldn't do it with this kind of movie. It should be funny and over the top. It feel weird to see character fighting vampires with axe when same character tries to look historically accurate politician in other scenes.

I don't know who this movie was made for. Maybe idea was good, but it didn't work on big screen. Vampire Hunter without Abraham Lincoln would have worked better. That was more interesting story. When it came to real Lincoln, movie got boring.

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