Friday, November 7, 2014

Shorts: The Toxic Avenger part 2 (1989)

You pretty much know what you are getting when you go to see The Toxic Avenger movie. Splatter and exploitation comedy with warm touch. I saw cut version of The Toxic Avenger. This certainly wasn't cut. I don't know how much further this sequel went. If you liked first movie, you will probably like this movie too. This time there is no need for origin story and we get Toxic Avenger right from get go.

After first movie Tromaville is with out crime and people dance on the streets. But that is not good for evil corporation Apocalypse Inc. After their first attack fails Apocalypse Inc. makes a plan to send Toxic Avenger to Japan to look for his father. In Japan they have chemicals that take away Toxic Avengers powers. Toxic Avenger goes to Tokyo, where he fights local gangsters.

Most hilarious thing in this movie was Lloyd Kaufman's "live broadcast" for [insert film festival's name] in [insert name of  the place where film festival is held]. That was funny at begin but felt too long by the end. That it problem of this movie too. Everything felt too long. Jokes would have worked better shorter. I liked this more than first movie even thought I wasn't feeling too good when I saw this.

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