Monday, December 22, 2014

Doctor Who: Death in Heaven

Death in Heaven is last episode of this season of Doctor Who. Episode shows quite clearly what is wrong with Doctor Who at the moment. We should forget almost everything that has happened in previous episode. Doctor Who can't stay consistent over one season. I forget one important inconsistency but I won't go in it because it is major spoiler. I realized it when Steven Moffat tried to explain it like they knew what they were doing. It is terrible that they knew what they were doing and they still did it like they don't care about consistency or that things make sense. It was about Danny and episode Listen.

This is one more video with effect from dying light. This time light didn't die completely. I think I should buy lights with power cords. Batteries doesn't seem to work with me. I can't be aware of everything because I shoot these videos alone. I see these things when I edit videos and then it is too late.

I will do Doctor Who Christmas Special video next week. I am not sure if I can make it by Monday. I see Christmas Special on Sunday evening and I have tight schedule to get it on Monday. If I can't make it by Monday it will come on Tuesday. I try to have it on YouTube on Monday but it might not happen.

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