Friday, December 19, 2014

My thoughts on The Interview controversy

You get another blog post today since both are current topics and I didn't want to postpone either one.

I didn't care about The Interview before this day. I knew there was stupid comedy where they kill Kim Jong-Un. I was not going to see it. Well, now it seems I am not going to see it anyway. It was scheduled to be released on February in Finland. Now it is cancelled here too. If it ever comes available I will might watch it but it is not a big deal for me if I don't see it. I might as well not watch it if it comes available.

My biggest issue with cancelling the finished movie is that is was cancelled because of anonymous threats. It could have been just one person. Same has happened with gamer gate. One person made threats and one gamer gate's victim's speaking event was cancelled. Are we really going into world where anyone can take free speech  from someone else? This will eventually lead to very boring world when no-one can say anything that upsets someone else.

And who do you think are most easily offended? Those whose world view is based on fiction and who can't separate fact from fiction. North Korean situation is like that. They have no rational arguments to support system they have there. They have created fiction about their country and force that fiction upon their citizens with violence. If your power can't be reasoned rationally, violence is only way you can keep your power.

Now Sony showed those people that they can censor art in other countries if they threat enough or get upset enough. Hollywood movies often have American propaganda in them. But we know that is fiction. But that is not the case in North Korea. I can name few other movies where foreign leaders have been killed and those have not caused similar issues. Why now? Is world coming so sensitive that you can't say anything that could upset someone?

As a citizen of small country I can understand how it feels if big country makes movie where you leader is killed. But you can't honestly expect that no-one will make movie where you look bad after you constantly threat with war and act like North Korea has acted.

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