Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New plans for year 2015

New year brings some changes to this blog and YouTube channel. Biggest change is that Kvesti on Movies and Stuff show will be renamed to Kvesti on Movies and it will become bi-weekly show. It will still come on Wednesdays. I am not sure what I will do with Wednesdays when there is no Kvesti on Movies. There will be something since I will post something here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Addition to that I comment hot topics when ever I have something to say about them. I started this during December and I will continue it next year. These post will appear randomly. Only schedule I will keep is Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.

If all this is not enough you can join to new Kvesti on Movies and Stuff mailing group. It is mailing group where I post weekly updates on this blog and YouTube channel. You can check mailing group from link on left bar.

Videos will have new titles and new look. Look of Kvesti on Movies will change more. It will look more like 5 Minutes videos next year. 5 Minutes videos have had quite artistic effects. I try to give them new more consistent gimmick. At least I will try one gimmick I have had in my mind since beginning.

Last change won't be so visible on this blog. I will make this blog main focus of Kvesti on Movies. YouTube channel will still get love and videos but blog will be main focus. Until this point I gave same focus to YouTube channel and blog. This will be most visible on social media where there won't be as many links to YouTube channel as before.

Happy new year. See you then.

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