Friday, December 19, 2014

Shorts: Ascension (2014)

Yesterday I promised reviews from current HBO shows. Well, this is from Syfy but I watched it on HBO Nordic. Does that count?

Ascension is Syfy's six or three part miniseries. It was three part miniseries in HBO Nordic where each episode had two episodes of six part miniseries. I am not familiar with other Syfy miniseries. Compared to Syfy movies this was really ambitious and serious. Almost like from another planet.

Ascension is generation space ship launched from Earth year 1963. After 51 years in space, girl is killed and things start to go wrong. Same time on Earth Ascension project staff tries to keep Ascension secret. No one knows ship was launched.

I liked attempt to keep series realistic and authentic. There are few things that are not that realistic but most of it is realistic and everything looks like in space ship launched during 60's. There are few fighting scenes which could have been left out to keep this more realistic. Fights had realistic reasons and didn't feel like they were there to provide action. This was serious science fictions with few exceptions. Those exceptions come later on series and felt little like easy plot devices. They may matter to someone who wants realistic science fiction but I can live with them.

I kept this spoiler free. I might do spoiler review later where I can go deeper into what I think about the series. If you are into science fiction you should check Ascension. I assume it will get cult following. It is that good and original.

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