Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night Deadly Night is one of those movie that get lot of hate but I like. It is not a great movie but much better than it is said to be. It caused controversy when it was released. It is said because it had killer Santa. But this was not first or last movie with killer Santa. I think reason for controversy was that Silent Night Deadly Night hit too close to some of the viewers.

You see one change in this video. I dropped the half minute title from it. I liked that title but it is taking too much time in fast pace YouTube world and may cause someone to stop watching the video. I heard from few places that long titles are not good thing in YouTube videos. They are things from the past. They may work on television and radio where it is harder to change channel but not on YouTube where you can change the channel with one click.

That is not the only change that will happen to Kvesti on Movies and Stuff videos. More about other changes next week.

Fun fact. YouTube suggested tag "Silent Night, Deadly Night (Film)" for this video but it was too long for YouTube. It was first suggested tag and it was too long.

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