Saturday, December 6, 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser comments

After I commented Terminator: Genisys trailer, I might as well do same for this even thought I am a week late with this one. I have seen comments on black stormtrooper and new lightsaber but has anyone commented on the droid?

Design may look cool but it has at least couple flaw. One which would be obvious if it was real instead of CGI. How does it stays up when it stands still? It only has one round contact point to ground. It needs to spend resources on balancing unlike designs which have more than one contact points. That one contact point seem to connected to gearing. So any dirt on contact point will go directly to gears of the droid. It won't have long life time on desert where there is sand.

Of course head could flow over the ball. But that would require sophisticated technology. But trailer points to after fall of Roman Empire like scenario where technological improvement has stopped. People can still use old technology but they don't know how it actually works. They may be able to fix machines to some extent but they can't build new one. That would explain whey they are still using  TIE fighters and X-wings.

This scenario makes shot of X-wings flying just above the water quite stupid. You don't risk precious planes if you can avoid it by flying little bit higher. It wouldn't give as cool shot but it would make sense.

I didn't have any problems with black stormtrooper because I didn't think he was stormtrooper. I thought he was someone dressed as stormtrooper because he escaped stormtroopers. Another option could be, if I am correct about the scenario, they don't use clones any more because they don't have the technology any more.

New lightsaber bothered me most. It is based on real sword but I feel they didn't understood reasons behind the original design. Which makes me wonder if they have done fighting scenes or even fight choreocraphy before publishing this trailer. Those side blades, or what ever you want to call them, would be more dangerous to user that opponent. User have to be careful not to hit himself with sideblades which slows him down and limits what he could do.

Sideblades would stop another lightsaber only if it is not hit too close to middle of the lightsaber. If they have thought this design through, lightsaber fights will change. You can fight with that like they fought in prequels. Maybe that is why it is longer. You have to keep the distance to your opponent because you can't be as fast as with regular lightsaber. Now that I think more of it, it could make sense if movie happens in scenario I mentioned earlier. They may have forgotten how to fight like in prequels and had to learn new fighting styles where this design may work.

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