Thursday, December 25, 2014

Update on The Interview

The Interview post is becoming most popular post of this new blog as I write. I still think my HBO Nordic rants are more popular if we look the whole time Kvesti on Movie and Stuff has existed.

Kim Jong-un started revolution in western world but it wasn't revolution he expected. The Interview got Christmas release after all. It was released on small theaters and video on demand. Video on demand being the revolutionary thing. This is first time movie size of The Interview has got simultaneous theatrical and video on demand release.

My money would be on video on demand is the future of movies if I had to bet. Large studios have been reluctant to go that way. This time large movie theater chains and Kim Jong-un forced Sony to go that way. But they didn't go all the way. There are still geographical limitations. Movie was released only in US. With all the hype it would have been wise to release it globally.

We get it to Finland in February. There is no official release date yet but original release date was 20th of February and I expect we soon get new date which is close to that if not the same. By that time hype has died and we only remember bad reviews. I might have paid for watching The Interview during this Christmas. In February I might not be as willing to do that, I personally don't want to see it and from this blog's point of view February is too late. I can as well wait until it hits Netflix or ViaPlay.

Why I think video on demand is the future of movies? It removes one gate keeper from movies. Studios and independent artists can release their content by passing movie theaters. Sony released The Interview on it own service and on several other services. If this does well in video on demand, future releases my have simultaneous video on demand releases. I don't think large movie theater chains thought through their decision to not show The Interview. Simultaneous video on demand releases are their worst nightmare and they pushed Sony to do that.

If this starts simultaneous video on demand releases we have to thank Kim Jong-un for that. Without North Korean involvement this wouldn't happened. Studios wouldn't dared to do it because they were too scared of movie theater's reaction. It is funny how things work out sometimes.

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