Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Spoiler free review of Cloud Atlas. If video is not showing check it here.

Cloud Atlas is The Wachovskis' second movie after Matrix trilogy. I didn't even know there was one between this and Matrix trilogy. I guess sequels ruined their reputation so much that the next movie wasn't marketed as Wachovskis' movies. It could also be me and I didn't want to see another movie from them. How ever I knew this was from them and I was curious to see what they do now.

You can love or hate Cloud Atlas based on how you see confusing jumping between six different stories. I am not sure if that and lack of continuity between stories came from source material or was it Wachowskies artistic decision. That was only thing I could complain.

This time I tried more improvising style. I had video written but didn't try to say what I had written from word to word. It was more like reminder of order and what I need to say. I am not sure if it shows in this video. Shooting took less time and it was easier. I will go this way with future videos because it make everything easier. In time it will make videos more natural.

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