Monday, January 26, 2015

Continuum: Second Season

Spoiler free review of second season of Continuum. If video is not showing check it here.

Last week I reviewed first season of Continuum. Second season fixed few things from first season. How ever it had own problems. Series is still as engaging. I watched it in one sessions. I started watching first season so late that I had to have break. This time I didn't have such problems. This season had 13 episodes. Three more than first season.

If everything goes according the plan you will get review of third season of Continuum next week. Review of fourth and final season comes after I have seen it. It hasn't aired anywhere and it takes some time after that before it comes available to me.

I still have my graphic card update issues. I still can't use that one plugin but this time I figured alternative way to create similar effect. I liked original better, but I can use this until I get original working. To be honest I haven't had time to really fix original problem. Feeling sick has taken most of my time this week. I have only done usual reinstallations and such. But those haven't fixed the problem.

If you liked the video you can find more videos from here.

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