Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic Four - Official Trailer #1

Fantastic Four reboot is mysterious movie. We don't know much about it but it is released next August. This is first trailer of the movie. Things we know aren't very promising.

I am not big fan of changing race or gender of established characters. Sometimes it work like with Watson in Elementary or Nick Fury with Marvel Cinematic Universe or with Kingpin in Daredevil. Fantastic Four will have black Human Torch. That may not sound like a big deal if you don't know that Susan Storm and Johnny Storm are sister and brother. In Fantastic Four another is white and another black. Making Watson Asian woman wasn't problem because Watson didn't have anything that required him to be white male. This time they are changing family connection. It could be done correctly but why do that. Does black Human Torch sell more tickets?

They ruined Doctor Doom on previous Fantastic Four movies. Why reinvent fan favorite character? This is from same studio and we heard they are reinventing Doom again. Didn't they learn from first time? This time Doom is hacker. In comics he was student whose experiment went horribly wrong before he became Doom. Is this hacker character what he is before he becomes Doom after accident? Could work but scientist would have been better.

Trailer itself didn't tell much about the movie. Looks like studio wants to tell and show as little as possible. I have watched it few times and can get nothing out of it. In source material Fantastic Four got they powers from cosmic rays on space flight. This time it looks they got them from some experiment  or was that crater thing where their spaceship that crashed? I probably see this in theater because of this blog but trailer didn't make me want to see it. Because trailer didn't say anything it is hard to say what kind of movie this will be.

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