Sunday, January 25, 2015

I started Finnish version of this blog

You can find blog here. I had idea of Finnish version of this for some time. I wanted to know how different it would be to have Finnish blog. Is it easier to get audience and so on. I postponed starting it because I thought it might take too much time from this blog. But I kept thinking it and on one sleepless night it felt like good idea to finally start the blog.

English blog will stay my main blog. Finnish blog will have reviews of same movies and tv shows in Finnish. I only need to do watching and analyzing once and the write in two languages. This should not take too much time. Some reviews will come first on Finnish blog and some on English. At the moment Finnish one have one review that will come later to English blog.

Page section has link to Finnish blog. There is translation option but translations are terrible. Better to read of watch English reviews here.

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