Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jupiter Ascending - Official Trailer 3 [HD]

I might be only one who waits for this movie. My reason is to have current movie to review for this blog. Interstellar review is one of most popular post since I changed blogging platform and it is only current movie for new platform. Unlike Interstellar I don't expect this to be good. Without this blog I would not see this at theater.

Description at theater's site made this sound like Halo Jones. I don't remember much about that comic but I remember I liked it. Description didn't tell much about the movie. When I knew only the name and had seen small poster I thought this was serious scifi movie about space ship going to Jupiter with similar spirit as Cloud Atlas had. It is like less I know about the movie better it feels like. Trailers show this is nothing like that.

Jupiter Ascending was originally scheduled for last summer but it got postponed because they needed to make more special effects and have effective marketing campaign. Is that real reason or didn't studio want to go against other similar movies that are usually released during summer?

Based on trailers Jupiter Ascending is spiritual successor of Matrix sequels. Non-sense story with non-stop over the top action. It is like scifi action version of Cinderella. I probably am not horrible wrong if I guess Mila Kunis and Dog Boy get each others after they have stopped the bad guys but Sean Bean doesn't make it. There will be sad moment when Dog Boy loses his friend but Mila makes him go on.

To be honest Cloud Atlas was better than trailer indicated. With this I am not so sure about that. It could be if it has much less action than than trailers let us believe. I will give this movie fair change and you will see how I liked it on Monday after the premiere.

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